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The days of free public electric vehicle charging are coming to an end, and the pay-to-plug reality is spreading overseas. United Kingdom EV charging company POD Point has launched the UK's first nationwide Pay As You Go (PP PAYG) network. It's free to join, has no monthly fee and asks only for a refundable £10 balance ($16 U.S. at current exchange rates) to activate an account. It's the nation's first card-less charging network and uses SMS texts from mobile phones to access charging poin


There must be something about Scandinavia that makes people think about electric cars. Last year, for example, the UK-based EV charging station company Pod Point found that, out of the all the 400-plus public chargers in London, the most popular was at the local IKEA store. And, of course, Think was originally a Norwegian company and, for a while, built cars in Finland. Today Pod Point announced a plan to expand throughout Scandinavia with "a series of strategic partnerships with energy and elec


An overwhelming majority of drivers, if they actually owned a plug-in, are pretty sure they will charge their electric vehicles at home, according to a Chartwell study.