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A recent promotional video from Nissan featured singing electrical outlets wishing the Leaf a happy birthday. Now we've got another quirky look at the plugged-in life through a collection of short clips about "The Planet Zero."

One massive sticking point with electric cars is the lack of standards when it comes to plugging in the vehicle. In the 90s, the General Motors EV1 didn't use the same kind of plug as the Toyota RAV4 EV, and that meant electric vehicle charging stations had to keep multiple adapters on hand if they wanted to service to multiple machinery.

What does the plug used both by the Mini D project by Vattenfall al and BMW and the "e-mobility" project by RWE and Smart look like? Just like the one pictured above, which is a creation of a company called Mennekes. Getting all the interested parties to agree on a standard plug isn't an easy thing, so some initiatives had been taken to make the Mennekes plug the standard model, at least in Europe.

Ahead of a dealer video conference later today, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli spoke with CNBC this morning and unveiled the first product of its ENVI electric car division. Nardelli pulled the covers off of the Dodge EV which is based on the Lotus Europa. Like the Tesla Roadster which has a chassis derived from the Lotus Elise, the Europa is also based on an extended Elise chassis. ENVI has created the Dodge EV by adding electric drive and lithium ion batteries to the Europa for a plug-in range of 1