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Mercedes-Benz launches GLC F-Cell — it's a hydrogen-PHEV hybrid

Battery power comes from hydrogen fuel cell or simply by plugging in

Battery power comes from hydrogen fuel cell or simply by plugging in.

January green-car sales reflect a waiting game

Prospective Leaf and Model 3 buyers appear to sit out the month

Green-car sales have a strong year despite a weak December

GM was the lone bright spot last month, with a jolt in Bolt deliveries

Toyota's hybrid sales continue to decline, while Ford's, Honda's level off

November green-car sales decline as customers await new Leaf

Leaf decline, Model 3 delay offset gains by GM, Honda

The Tesla Model 3 production delay is a factor, too

October green-car sales rise despite Model 3 delay

Toyota turns positive, offsetting a tepid month from Ford.

Plug-in and hybrid demand edges up as Toyota, GM and Honda gains offset slowing Ford growth, Leaf decline.

August green-car demand flat as Toyota lag offsets U.S. gains

Bolt, Fusion Hybrid demand gains canceled out by Prius

Ford and Chevy rise, Toyota falls as August green-car sales are about even with last year's.

Green-car demand stalls for July as Tesla prepares Model 3 deliveries

Hybrid, plug-in sales growth slows on eve of new EV's debut

Hybrid and plug-in sales growth from U.S. automakers fall off, offsetting gains from Nissan and Honda.

By The Numbers
US green-car sales rise 15 percent in May spurred by strong plug-in demand

American automakers more than offset down months from Toyota, Bimmer

Ford, General Motors and Tesla all boost plug-in and hybrid vehicle sales for May.

California may start offering point-of-sale plug-in rebates

Pilot program could begin in San Diego this year.

CARB wants to encourage lower-income buyers to choose EVs.

Green grow the EV and hybrid sales in April

Nissan and Honda complement US green-vehicle gains.

US automakers General Motors and Ford lead gains as Americans buy more hybrids and plug-ins.

March 2017: The green-sales-are-still-charged-up edition

Volt, Bolt, Prius Plug-in, and e-Golf all boost sales

US green car sales rose 20 percent from a year earlier thanks to higher plug-in vehicle demand.

December: The-happy-holidays edition

Bolt, Volt, Leaf all performed well last month.

US green-car sales jump 23 percent from a year earlier, while plug-in vehicle demand rises 61 percent.

Tesla unbundles all sorts of features to qualify for German EV incentives

Just what is this "Comfort Package"?

Navigation, backup camera, memory seats are now optional on German's Model S.

October green car sales: The that's-more-like-it edition [UPDATE]

Blue Oval numbers may change results for last month's hybrid, plug-in sales.

GM, Nissan and Tesla gains are offset by Toyota's hybrid-sales declines in October.

Henrik Fisker teases more images of Emotion luxury electric vehicle

Fisher again takes to Twitter to reveal a little more of his new model.

Fisker's new company touts electric vehicle with a 400-mile single-charge range.

Mercedes EQ name trademark may be for EV sub-brand

The great equalizer among combustionless vehicles?

Mercedes prepares to tackle the premium electric vehicle market with a new name.

Nissan experimenting with car sharing, electric cars

Nissan and Scoot Networks have decided the future looks electric and on-demand.

The future of the auto industry is electric cars that we share and use as mobile storage batteries.

Audi diverting a third of R&D budget to electrification

Company gets serious in push to hit 2025 sales goals.

This is what has to happen for Audi to keep its promises.

Mercedes-Benz GLC plug-in hydrogen fuel-cell coming in 2017

Daimler worked with Ford to shrink the size of the fuel-cell stack.

Mercedes-Benz will offer a plug-in hydrogen fuel-cell GLC compact crossover starting next year.

By The Numbers
May 2016 Green Car Sales: The things-got-bad-to-a-little-worse edition

Less Leaf demand, VW diesel stop-sale, Honda's sales lag are all culprits.

May's green-car sales dropped about 32 percent from a year earlier.

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