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Chicago 2016: Almost 600 vehicles, but only 18 with a plug

You can learn a lot about the auto industry just by walking and counting.

I took a walk through the Chicago Auto Show today, and found only a few plug-in vehicles among the 600 on display.

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Californians do battle for limited number of plug-in stations, spaces

So Many Plug-Ins, So Little Love

Golden State residents elbow each other out for charging spaces, plug-in parking spaces.

Navigant: 1M plug-in vehicle sales a year in US by 2024

California Could Account For A Third Of That Figure Alone

US plug-in vehicle sales could reach 1 million units a year by 2024, Navigant says.

Plug-in vehicle sales could hit one percent market share this quarter

Plug-in vehicles may account for as much as one percent of new-car sales this quarter as falling gas prices fail to sway people away from high-MPG cars and advanced-powertrain vehicles.

PHEV sales trending at twice the rate of early hybrids

Americans are buying plug-in vehicles during their first four years of mass production at more than twice the rate of hybrid sales 15 years ago.

SCE report reveals good grid, bad apartment owners

"We're not the problem." That's the main message from a Southern California Edison (SCE) report about the charging habits of the utility's plug-in vehicle-driving customers. SCE serves about 180 Southern California cities and says there's little near-term risk for an increase in plug-in vehicle adoption overloading the grid. That's because about half of the plug

Pike Research says annual sales of plug-in vehicles in U.S. will hit 358,959 by 2017

Pike Research has put out an estimate saying that annual sales of plug-in vehicles in the United States will hit 358,959 by 2017. And they're not all going to the usual suspects. Mostly, sure, but not all.

Japan goes toe-to-toe with South Korea in quest for lithium-ion domination

Japan and Korea are boosting monies spent on research and development in an attempt to grab hold of the number one spot in the rapidly heating up lithium-ion battery segment.

Why Florida's 70-plus charging stations are virtually useless

Residents of Florida now have even more incentive to ditch their gasoline-burning vehicles in favor of an electric automobile. In the past year, Florida has become a plug-in vehicle hot spot. Well, sort of. There's a chicken and egg issue going on.

Nissan's Andy Palmer says U.S. needs more charging stations

Obama's goal of putting one million hybrid and electric vehicles on U.S. roads by 2015 is "reasonable," says Nissan's senior vice president, Andy Palmer, but only if the government gets around to installing thousands of charging stations nationwide within four year's time. Palmer says that since, "carmakers can't go and put hydrogen

Electric vehicles come to the rescue in Japan

The massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th has, in some ways, crippled the nation. But with massive relief efforts underway, the country will eventually recover from this disastrous mess. Surprisingly, electric vehicles have aided relief efforts in Japan during this period of recovery.

Study: 85% of U.S. consumers willing to buy a plug-in vehicle when ...

Plug-in vehicles are just starting to drizzle into the market, but many U.S. consumers are champing at the bit to buy them. So says E Source, a "dynamic" research and advisory firm, which recently analyzed data from the Nielsen Energy Survey and supposedly discovered that 85 percent of U.S. consumers would purchase a battery-powered vehicle either right away (3 percent), when their current automobile needs replacement (57 percent) or when electric vehicle technology is proven and becomes mainstr

DOE: Plug-in vehicle sales to total 1.2 million in U.S. by 2015

Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a report detailing its "conservative" estimates for the amount of plug-in vehicles that will be on U.S. roads by the end of 2015, and it got to give plug-in vehicle advocates excited chills. The reports claims that more than 1.2 million plug-ins will be whizzing up and down public streets in the States, with the Chevrolet Volt accounting for nearly half (505,000) of the total amount.

Study: UK drivers will spend $11.3B buying 300,000 plug-in vehicles by 2014

The UK's automotive industry could see a £7 billion (11.3 billion U.S. at the current exchange rate) increase thanks to plug-in vehicles by 2014, according to a survey conducted by GfK Automotive. Recently, GfK polled more than 5,000 drivers in the UK and discovered that there's a considerable amount of interest in plug-in rides among the country's car-buying public.

Plug In America turns five: Paul Scott looks back and ahead

Plug In America has played a serious role in the re-emergence of the electric vehicle over the past – um, how long now? oh, yeah – five years. To celebrate, the "motley crew" of activists who were fed up with putting gasoline into their cars is holding a fifth anniversary party this coming weekend in Los Angeles (details here). We look forward to seeing the group's "Gas Vs. Electric"

European automaker gets help from A123 Systems, Axeon, Ricardo for upcoming plug-in hybrid

An undisclosed, established European automaker has enlisted the expertise of UK-based lithium-ion systems supplier Axeon, the assistance of leading UK engineering firm Ricardo and the battery know-how of A123 Systems for collaboration on an upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). The trio, along with assistance from that unnamed European automaker, will develop and int

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