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BMW used to regularly tout its hydrogen-powered 7 Series until that program was killed in late 2009. The Hydrogen 7 used H2 in an internal combustion engine and when BMW said it was done making the car, it said it would focus its hydrogen efforts on fuel cells. There's no news of a new H2-powered Bimmer to report, but BMW Manufacturing has announced that it is using vehicles (forklifts, tuggers and stackers) powered by hydrogen fuel cells at its Spartanburg, SC plant. Specifically, BMW is using

Fuel-cell manufacturer Plug Power Inc. which produces backup power systems for the telecommunications industry is acquiring Cellex Power Products Inc. We've mentioned Cellex before as the fuel-cell manufacturer who partnered with Wal-Mart to undertake a trial of 12 hydrogen fuel-cell powered pallet lift trucks over four months. The $45 million acquisition, offset by Cellex's $8 million cash reserves, was made possible by a cash infusion into Plug Power last year by Russian group Smart Hydrogen.

On Tuesday, while speaking to the Council on Competitiveness and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Energy Department Secretary Samuel Bodman announced that $100 million has been awarded to 25 fuel cell research and development projects. Bodman said, "We expect hydrogen to play an integral role in our energy portfolio and we are eager to see hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road in the near future."