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Evacuation by drone is right around the corner

This thing even has a rocket propelled parachute

This thing even has a rocket propelled parachute.

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A plane that acts like a boat? Or a boat that looks like a plane?

Either way, this isn't a vehicle you see every day.

The Airfish 8 is an aerodynamic marine craft that glides over water. It's not really a boat, but it's not really a plane either.

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Porsche Sets World Record | Autoblog Minute

Porsche set a Guinness World Record for heaviest aircraft towed by a production car. The Automaker traveled from London to Paris with two Porsche Cayennes. An S Diesel and a Turbo S performed the towing of the 285-ton Airbus.

Plane crash-lands on California street and hits cars

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

A plane crashed on a surface street in Pacoima, CA on Monday, taking out several cars in the process.

Small airplane lands on Idaho interstate during rush hour

A small plane with a single engine that stopped working made a belly landing on a major interstate through Boise at the start of rush-hour traffic Tuesday.

1944 P-51D Mustang is the perfect project plane for WWII enthusiasts [w/video]

If you dream of zooming over the English Channel looking for a fight with the Luftwaffe, then you're going to need a plane. This P-51D Mustang could be it.

Top Gear pits V8 supercar against stunt plane, Komatsu tractor

Traditional motorsports pit a bunch of roughly equivalent vehicles over a course to find out which driver has the most skill and which car has the right tweaks to score a victory against the competitors. But Top Gear is anything but traditional. It decided to stage two very different kinds of races to see how things went during the Top Gear Festival Sydney.

Watch the French Air Force honor the venerable Mirage F1

In the 1970s, America had the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. The Soviet Union had the MiG-21. For France, the iconic fighter of the era was the Dassault Mirage F1. Unlike the F-4 and MiG, which were eventually phased out in favor of newer aircraft, France has continued to employ the services of the F1, despite the existence of newer, fourth-generation fighters, like the Mirage 2000 and Rafale.

Watch a sea plane take off from a truck trailer

Some, but not all, sea planes come with wheels in their floats so that they can work on the water or land. But have you ever thought about how a plane without wheels, water or runway would take off? The answer is incredibly cool to watch.

Red Bull pits V8 Supercar against stunt plane... on a beach

One of the top comments on this YouTube video from Red Bull reads (sics throughout), "Red Bull isn't an energy drink company... It is a marketing company that owns a energy drink. It all ways has been." And that's just fine with us, so long as the Austrian company continues putting together stunts like this.

Brabus turns its attention to custom jets

If you're looking to give your Mercedes-Benz an added dose of performance, look no further than Brabus. The aftermarket tuning house specializes in customizing Daimler's finest, and doesn't stop at upgrading the engine and running gear, either. With packages like the iBusiness suite

Tesla employee plane crash still under investigation

Back in February of 2010, a tragic plane crash in Palo Alto, CA took the lives of three Tesla Motors employees: 56-yeard

Lamborghini Gallardo laps track in race against... a stunt plane?

We've seen some pretty strange races in our days. From pitting cars against Japanese bullet trains and the London public transportation system to skydiving maniacs and jet fighters, nearly every hair-brained race you can think of has been put to the test for the public's enjoyment. Now we can add one more to that list.

Boeing fuel cells up in the air

Fuel cells seem to be everywhere from Suzuki motorcycles to the Honda FCX Clarity and now Boeing has them literally taking off. Of course, it's not the first time a fuel cell has been

Countach vs. Cessna

The Lamborghini Countach was everywhere in the 1980s. It was so often presented as the ultimate car, photographed with celebrities, and generally placed in the spotlight that even your grandmother could've recognized it. Because of its vaunted status, the Countach is an aspirational car that you might purchase to celebrate a milestone in your life. Oregonian Marlowe Treit spent two years tracking down the perfect Countach as a

Toyota hybrid exec perishes in plane crash

On Saturday, ToMoCo's executive engineer for hybrid vehicles in the States, David Hermance, died after his plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Long Beach, California. The 59-year-old was an avid pilot who was reportedly performing aerobatic stunts when his Interavia E-3 stalled and plummeted into the water.