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Planar Energy, a spin-off of the National Renewable Energy Laboratories, has quietly been developing solid-state battery technology and remains convinced that the future of electric vehicle batteries is solid-state technology. The Orlando-based company believes that its solid-state design could potentially offer more power output and higher energy storage density than a typical lithium ion battery. As Planar Energy notes, typical lithium ion batteries lack stability and longevity due to undesira

The Department of Energy (DOE) seems to be loaded with cash these days and is stopping just short of throwing the stuff at companies. We're thrilled that several advanced battery companies have received lots of the greenbacks, but the cash flow has to run dry at some point, right? Not yet, because the DOE has awarded grants to three more advanced battery technology companies.

It goes without saying that we're down with battery recycling, but what about battery factory recycling? Sounds like a pretty good idea to us and, more importantly, it sounds like a good idea to Planar Energy Devices who have plans to do just that. The Orlando-based company is hoping to grab a tranche of the stimulus package pie and recycle a lithium ion battery factory vacated by Electro Energy. The company has applied for $56 million from the $2 billion in the Department of Energy's (DOE) Elec

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