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Safety concerns and Chinese cars will go hand-in-hand until the country's automakers start building vehicles capable of undergoing a Western-market crash test regimen without performing involuntary exploratory surgery upon their occupants. Tuesday's announcement of another recall by Mattel showed that safety concerns apply to some Chinese-made toy cars as well. The car in question this time is "Sarge," the military Jeep character featured in Disney/Pixar's 2006 summer feature, Cars.

How sweet is that?!?!?! His name's Hugger, created by Michael W.

Sure, "Bullitt" had a few nice cars in it. So did "Gone in 60 Seconds". But in Pixar's, "Cars", nothing but sweet, sweet animated automobilia. November 7 is the day you can park a copy right in the middle of all your other DVD tributes to transportation. Unless they're alphabetized, of course. Then "Cars" would be more toward one side or the other. But we digress.

Think you've seen a lot of tie-ins involving Disney/Pixar's Cars this summer? Well, here's one more, in which the stars of the Opel lineup get a Pixar-style rfacelift.