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Pittsburgh is falling out of love with Uber’s self-driving cars

Reports of accidents and wrong-way driving were only the beginning of troubles.

7 US cities picked as finalists for Smart City Challenge

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx narrows list to 7 at SXSW.

Seventy-eight American cities submitted applications for the Department of Transportation's Smart City Challenge. On Saturday, the DOT announced finalists.

REPORT: Struggling dealer died of heart-attack while torching his own cars

With each passing day bringing more tough news about the state of the car companies and the plight of the autoworker, it's sometimes easy to overlook the effect that all of this economic gulag is having on mom-and-pop dealerships across the country. Bringing that idea into stark focus is news that Gregory Graham, a Pennsylvania car dealer recently died of a heart attack while torching cars at his own ailing dealership.