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Pirelli aims to protect your health, tires

Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Ads – Click above for high-res image gallery

2011 Pirelli calendar presented by Karl Lagerfeld

2011 Pirelli Calendar by Karl Lagerfeld – Click above for high-res image gallery

Pirelli puts the brakes on time with new PZero Disk_O wristwatch

Ever wish you could stop time? Well we've got news for you, pal – you can't. But you can, however, put the brakes on your timepiece.

Pirelli reportedly withdraws from World Rally Championship

Pirelli may be used to sticking to its territory, but the latest development has the Italian rubber company voluntarily ceding ground to its rivals. After having secured the exclusive contract to provide tires to Formula One, Pirelli has announced that it's withdrawing from the World Rally Championship.

Pirelli reportedly wooing Kimi Raikkonen to test new F1 tires

Kimi Raikkonen hasn't been connected to an Italian manufacturer in Formula One since leaving Ferrari at the end of last season, but that could change if the latest reports are accurate.

Follow-Up: Michelin, Avon, Pirelli bid for F1 tire contract

With Bridgestone's hegemony on supplying tires to Formula One set to end this year, rubber companies are lining up en masse to grasp at the opportunity to take its place. We recently reported on Michelin's ambitions, but the French tire company isn't the only option being considered. According to Sam Michael, technical director for the Williams team, the options have been narrowed

Pirelli working with Brembo and Magneti Marelli on Cyber Tire

Pirelli's Cyber Tire will provide real-time tire performance information via a chip/transponder setup in the tire tread. Operating temperature and pressures, typology of the road's surface, and vertical load exerted on the tire will be among the data collected and monitored. The system will work in conjunction with another Pirelli invention, the Jonathon Ramsey

Pirelli calendar goes native, loses its mind for 2009 [NSFW]

The auto industry's crème de la crème have been on the receiving end of Pirelli's exclusive, high-style calendar since its introduction in 1964. And while we're still waiting for our name to be added the mailing list, Pirelli has been kind enough to give us peons a glimpse of the 2009 edition, along with a host of outtake images. For the 45th installment, Pirelli has finally nixed any and all automotive references, opting instead for an artsy safari theme that brings elephants and

Pirelli bringing 'chipped' tire to market in 2010

Pirelli has announced a further innovation in the ongoing quest to remove the driving from driving. Sensors have been stashed in tires already for the hasty implementation of TPMS, but Pirelli has taken it a step further, putting a sensor package on the tire carcass itself. One implementation of the "Cyber Tire" is the "Lean," which harnesses power from the vibrations of the vehicle and beams information including tire pressure, temperature, and load to the vehicle's computer.

Pirelli to supply emissions technology for Beijing buses

Italian company Pirelli is best known for making high performance tires, but now it is making efforts in emissions technology. The Italian government announced an agreement between the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the City Council of Beijing, China. Pirelli will supply diesel particulate filter systems (DPF) to be installed on heavy duty vehicles (mainly buses, but also trucks and later snowploughs and tractors). The vehicles are used by the local public transportation company and the f

French magazine calculates the real savings using low-rolling resistance tires

Every time an automaker announces a green signature label, one of the factory-installed features to reduce fuel consumption is probably low-rolling resistance tires. French magazine Autoplus did a test drive on a regular car, to see how much fuel these tires save. The magazine wanted to run the test because France is considering adopting a bonus/malus system on these tires for 2010, whereby tires that save fuel would get a tax exemption.

2007 Pirelli Calendar released

We thought we heard rumblings that the 2007 Pirelli Calendar was on its way, but it turns out we missed its official debut that occured on November 16th. No worries, though, as our friends over at Jalopnik tipped us off to its arrival. If you click the read link you'll be taken to the Pirelli Calender Club website where you can view all 26 photos in this year's calendar. The models include five of tinsel town's most talented ladies: Sophia Loren (trust us

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