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The Grand Tour is the most illegally downloaded show ever

And it's costing Amazon a lot of money.

More than House of Cards, More than Game of Thrones...

Cheap oil means bad business for pirates

Gulf of Guinea sees decline of maritime attacks as oil prices remain low.

Attacking oil tankers isn't the lucrative scheme it once was for West African pirates.

Arrrrrgh! Ship carrying Hyundai and Kia cars attacked by Somali pirates?

It was bad enough when Somali pirates decided to hijack an American ship, but now they've gone too far. The scallywags have now gone after a boatload of cars – Hyundais and Kias to be specific. On New Year's Day, a group of Somali pirates hijacked the Asian Glory, which was bound for Saudi Arabia with 2,388 Kia and Hyundai vehicles aboard.