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Seeing ribbons on cars is nothing new. And we're not even talking about the gift-wrapping kind. We mean ribbons for causes, whether it's "support our troops" or "bring them home", or more often than not, in support of a cure for cancer. But while those are typically glued onto a car's trunk-lid or a truck's tailgate, Fiat and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are taking things one step further with the 500 Pink Ribbon edition.


Remember when sex was safe and motorcycles were dangerous? Longtime two-wheel fanatics may recall the stern warnings from our concerned fathers regarding the single most dangerous part on your very first motorcycle. No, not the nut behind the bars - the burning-hot exhaust pipe. Pop-rocking, motorcycle-riding, all-around bad girl Pink apparently didn't get the memo. The singer suffered the dreaded "pipe burn" during a recent ride aboard hubby and freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart's bike.

Fiat 500C Pink Limited Edition – Click above for high-res image

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/Light_Candy_Pink_Colored_Audi_R8_Caught_in_Holland_w_pic'; Just when you felt life was getting a little bit boring, along comes this piece of literal Dutch eye candy to remind you that many people are crazy. Yes sir, that's an Audi R8. Yes sir, someone painted it pink. But not just pink – light candy pink with darker pink blades. Now, let's say for a second that the carbon fiber blades are actually baked pink plastic. That would be kinda OK in our book.

It's not the actual car referenced in the little chestnut "Freeway of Love," but this Mary-Kay pink 2008 Cadillac CTS signed by Aretha Franklin is hitting the auction block in Los Angeles today. The funds will benefit MusiCares, an organization set up by the Recording Academy (the Grammy people) to provide humanitarian support to musicians that need help. That doesn't mean getting a speech therapist for Ozzy, it's more like helping folks still trying to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Katrin

You know what the fashionistas say, pink is the new black. Or is that black is the new black? Whatev. The point is that pink's a hot color. In fact, many of us with kids that lack a Y chromosome (read: daughters) are treated daily to the sight of Barbies with pink hot pants, Hello Kitty notebooks with pink covers and, perish the thought, diapers with pink waistbands. So it's obviously important to expose our impressionable young daughters to car culture as early as possible if we ever hope to ra