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Pike Research has read some high-tech tea leaves and thinks that, by the end of 2020, 2.8 million light duty fuel cell vehicle (FCV) sales will have occurred. While we can't say if their FCV prediction (summary in PDF) is more accurate than their short term plug-in prognostication, or their medium-term electric two-wheeler forecasting, they certainly seem to have a firm grip on who the players in the hydrogen space are and have interviewed a good number of people to prepare this report. While so

What will 2010 bring for plug-in vehicles? It's going to be one of the most exciting years for the technology in a long, long time but it won't be all wine and roses. Clean technology market intelligence firm Pike Research and HybridCars recently partnered up on a list of ten plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle predictions for the new year. They have released a 14-page white paper that people can buy, and have also blogged about a few of the predictions, including: