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Electric forklift sales may jump fivefold by 2020 as li-ion prices drop

In the "you take your victories where you can" department, electric-vehicle advocates and environmentalists alike can rejoice in the fact that even electric forklift sales are on the way up. Annual sales of electric forklifts in North America will exceed $500 million by 2020, up from about $100 million this year, according to a study by Navigant (formerly Pike) Research.

European electric vehicle charging-station revenue will jump tenfold by 2020

Here's one European "union" that plug-in advocates will support.

Global hybrid and plug-in truck sales will almost double this year

Global hybrid and plug-in truck sales will almost double this year as more companies and public entities turn to advanced powertrains to cut fuel costs, green-technology research firm Pike Research said.

U.S. plug-in vehicle interest driven down by high pricetags

Americans showing interest in buying an electric-drive vehicle has fallen about 17 percent during the past two years, as car buyers say the continued premium charged for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles doesn't offset the effect of lower refueling costs, according to green-technology research firm Pike Research.

Asia-Pacific region to get majority of DC quick-charge stations

DC quick-charge stations are robust units that promise to recharge plug-in vehicles from zero to 80-percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. While not required for EVs to work, these units make the concept of cross-country-capable electric vehicles believable and long distance electric-only journeys doable.

China gears up to sell lots of electric vehicles, the most in Asia

Across the entire Asia-Pacific region, it's China where Pike Research forecasts most plug-in vehicles will eventually be sold.

Biofuels market value to double to $185.3 billion in ten years

Will there be enough feedstock to support a massive biofuel boom? It sure seems possible, 'cause Pike Research predicts that the value of the biofuels industry could double in the next ten years, depending on the emergence of advanced feedstocks.

Pike Research says annual sales of plug-in vehicles in U.S. will hit 358,959 by 2017

Pike Research has put out an estimate saying that annual sales of plug-in vehicles in the United States will hit 358,959 by 2017. And they're not all going to the usual suspects. Mostly, sure, but not all.

Pike Research predicts 68% jump in global CNG vehicle sales by 2016

Annual worldwide sales of natural gas vehicles will jump 68 percent to 3.2 million vehicles in 2016 from 1.9 million in 2010, according to Pike Research. The surge, says Pike, will be driven mainly by fleets looking to cut petroleum dependency and reduce operating costs.

Sales of big electrified trucks to exceed 100,000 a year by 2017

As the global economy takes steps toward recovery, truck manufacturers are looking to technologies that can mitigate the rising cost of diesel fuel. Trucks that utilize electricity to meet this goal come in four flavors: hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid, pure battery electric, and plug-in electric power take-off to operate on-board equipment without using fuel.

Pike predicts we'll have 7.7 milion charging stations worldwide by 2017

Pike Research keeps on pouring out reports, including its latest one, titled "Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment." This report from Pike forecasts that by the end of 2017, more than 7.7 million charging stations will have been installed around the globe, including 1.5 million right here in the United States. And no, this

Pike says cumulative plug-in vehicles sales will hit 5.2 million by 2017

It's true that crystal balls that accurately forecast the future of plug-in vehicles don't exist, but for $2,800 you can buy a copy of a report that concludes with this bit of info: worldwide cumulative plug-in vehicle sales will reach 5.2 million units by 2017.

Pike predicts more than 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations operational by 2020

According to a report from Pike Research, more than 5,200 hydrogen fueling stations will be operational worldwide by 2020, up from just 200 stations in 2010. The research firm forecasts that, by the end of 2020, annual investments in hydrogen stations will soar to $1.6 billion, with ten-year (2010 to 2020) investments hitting $8.4 billion globally.

Pike sees only 695,000 NEVs on the streets by 2017

The total number of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) on roads throughout the world will increase slowly but steadily from 479,000 in 2011 to 695,000 by 2017, according to a study conducted by Pike Research. During that time period, annual NEV sales will shoot up from 37,000 vehicles to nearly 55,000, with North America accounting for a whopping 45 percent of annual sales. Pike notes that:

Pike predicts annual sales of 37 million stop-start vehicles by 2020

Worldwide sales of vehicles equipped with stop-start technology (aka micro hybrids) will soar in the coming decade, rising from three million units in 2011 to 37.3 million units annually by 2020, according to Pike Research. At that level, stop-start technology will be standard equipment in more than one-third of all light-duty vehicles sold.

Pike says Coulomb Technologies is best EVSE vendor, ECOtality in 2nd place

According to the latest Pike Pulse report, two electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) companies stand out among the competition in strategy and execution: Coulomb Technologies and Ecotality, with one above the other.

Pike says 138 million electric motorcycles, scooters on roads worldwide by 2017

According to a study conducted by Pike Research, the number of electric motorcycles and scooters on the roads across the globe will increase from an estimated 17 million in 2011 to 138 million by 2017. Battery-powered two-wheelers are already widely used in China and other urbanized areas of Asia, says Pike. But in other regions, government incentives and rising fuel costs will contribute to increased demand for electric motorcycles and scooters.

Pike: total sales of fuel cell vehicles will exceed 1 million in 2020

According to a report from Pike Research, cumulative sales of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) will surpass the million-unit milestone by 2020, with total sales hitting 1.2 million by the end of that year. Pike indicates that, between 2010 to 2014, approximately 10,000 FCVs will hit the streets. Following that, the research firm claims that 57,000 FCVs will be sold in 2015, with sales soaring to 390,000 vehicles annually by 2020.