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If you sift through eBay Motors like a junkyard dog looks for bones, you may have already come across a Studio Effect image from Dimostra. They look a little out of place in an eBay Motors auction gallery, perhaps because they're a bit too perfect compared to the usual lot of hastily snapped images. The irony, however, is that these glossy-looking glamor shots don't come from a physical studio at all, but are rather the result of renting the Photoshop expertise of Dimostra's digital artists to t

Turning an Audi A1 into an S1 – Click above for high-res image gallery. Follow the jump to watch video.

The secret art of automotive photography – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Hardcore drag racers take their expensive hobby very seriously. Some drag owners cut into their 401k just to knock a couple tenths off of their quarter mile times, while others spend every possible spare moment of their lives holed up in a garage, perfecting their hot rod for just a few chances to take that magical run down the track. Keep that in mind, if you will, as we explain to you why the owner of an altered wheelbase 1963 Chevy II is angry over an apparently Photoshopped photo of its run

If you're a wiz with image altering software and crazy about cars then chances are you know all about the world of photochopping. Maybe you even have a folder stored on your computer filled with your attempts to improve on the exterior designs of top auto designers. If you think you got skillz and can improve on the design of the Aptera Typ-1 (pictured above) then you should click your bad self on over to Carchops.com and pit your revisionary talent against some of the best car photochoppers teh

Over at the Petrozero.org web-site, reader Scott has put his Photoshop skills to work creating a rendering of what the production Chevy Volt might look like. Working from one of the original images of the concept, the shots of the taped up wind tunnel model and what we've been previously told, Scott went to work. You can see the final product as the lower image above which is clearly recognizable as a Volt. Notice that the front axle center line has moved backward relative to the nose of the car

Bored? Have an unhealthy Dodge Challenger fetish? The same Photoshop fiend that brought us a colored guide to the 2009 Chevy Camaro also created a very cool Challenger paint customizer web tool. Our guy Mike (Rampant on the CamaroZ28 forums) developed the Flash program with options for base color, two-tone, and stripes. There are 13 rich base color choices and millions of resultant combinations from which to choose. You can even change the background from blue skies to a white or black backdrop.

F, now there's a letter that says high performance, don't it? Lexus must have figured that all the good ones were taken, so why not just go with the first letter of FAST. No doubt, the GS-F will be a rocket. It better be, if it wants to try kicking sand in the face of the M5. The artist's rendering gives a credible estimation of what kind of styling *ahem* enhancements might accompany the increased athleticism in the GS's chassis, and the increased power under the hood. We guess that the GS-F wi

We've now received our May issue of Motor Trend in the mail and can verify that the 2008 Subaru Impreza does appear on the cover and inside the mag. We can't show you those pictures of the car since they were taken by one of Motor Trend's photographers and are owned by the magazine (though you can view them here). The cover car is a blue model in the new four-door hatchback body style. Yesterday we reported about new pics surfacing over at Inside Line featuring a version of the car in red. While

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How sweet is that?!?!?! His name's Hugger, created by Michael W.

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Peter Smith is a 20-year-old Brit who happens to be a big-time car enthusiast and an avid photochopper. His website, Digimods, is an online showcase of his work. Currently, he has 211 finished projects on display, including the sweet Lexus IS coupe shown above.

The Car Connection's TCC Confidential blog claims to have received in its email box this morning some pics of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class that expose what the car will look like when it's officially unveiled at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Hmm... we're going to go out on a limb here and say that it's a bit early for official shots to find their way onto the web and that we're probably looking at some nicely done Photochops. Time will certainly tell which is the case, but the lack of badging