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FuelMaker, the Honda company that makes the Phill natural gas home refueling system, was forced into involuntary bankruptcy about a month ago. For a while, T. Boone Pickens' Clean Energy Fuels was maybe going to buy the company, but that didn't happen. Honda has found a buyer for FuelMaker, though, in Fuel Systems Solutions Inc. FSS announced yesterday that the $7 million transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2009.

Last month, it was revealed that Honda had agreed to sell its FuelMaker Corp. to Clean Energy Fuels for $17 million. It seems that the two companies, who had until October 3 to close the deal, have called off the sale. We're not sure what the reason for the sale's cancellation are, but it sounds as if Honda was the company that initiated the termination.

We're suckers for a good conspiracy theory, and we've stumbled upon one involving getting our nations off imported oil. Perfect! After reading through it, though, we're a little less enthusiastic. The whole thing centers around the Honda Civic GX, which is powered by natural gas as opposed to liquid petroleum. Sure, it's still coming from the ground, but it burns cleaner in an internal combustion engine and there is lots of it around these parts. So, is the Civic GX the perfect car to wean ourse

Since Honda started offering a natural gas-powered version of the Civic (the GX) several years ago they have also offered buyers a device called the Phill. Phill is a home natural gas compressor that hooks up to the household gas supply and fuels the car. The device is built by a Honda-owned company called FuelMaker Corp in Toronto. Honda has now sold FuelMaker to Clean Energy Fuels Corp. for $17 million. Clean Energy already sells compressed and liquefied natural gas for transportation fleets i

FuelMarker Corporation, makers of the Phill home CNG refuelling station, has announced that it is going to be on sale in the Netherlands. While Germans have quite a large network of public CNG fuelling stations, Netherland's infrastructure is more limited.

The Internal Revenue Service has confirmed that customers who buy a 2007 Honda vehicle with either a hybrid drive-train or compressed natural gas fuel system can apply for federal tax credits. The possible credits are $1,300 on the Accord Hybrid, $2,100 on the Civic hybrid and up to $4,000 on the Civic GX (natural gas powered). People who buy the Civic GX can also get an extra $1,000 back if they also buy the "Phill" system. Phill is a home refueling station for natural gas vehicles. It hooks in

If you use natural gas in your home, Honda may have a good solution for your daily commute. American Honda Motor announced Wednesday that the redesigned 2006 Civic GX will sticker at $24,440. Although the price isn't particularly low, the federal government sweetens the pot with an alternative fuel tax credit of $4,000, and an additional $1,000 for "Phill," Honda's natural gas home refueling station.