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Valeo's second-gen stop-start technology coming to 1M diesel Peugeots, Citro├źns by 2013

With much of our discussions focusing on hybrid powertrains and the electric cars of tomorrow, we occasionally overlook some of the simpler, efficiency-boosting technologies available today. A prime example of this is the second-generation micro-hybrid stop-start technology from Valeo cal

Peugeot 207 gets upgraded 1.6L diesel, offers 119 g/km CO2 and 51.1 mpg

Peugeot has just launched an upgrade 1.6-liter diesel inline-four in its 207 and 207 SW models. The new engine replaces the previous HDi 110 models and offers more power and torque with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The new power unit has a higher pressure (1,650 BAR) common rail injection system supplied by Continental Automotive.

Peugeot launches the Paris-to-Geneva Eco Cup

Peugeot has put out the call to European drivers to sign up for its upcoming Eco Cup where they will have the chance to prove how efficiently they can drive. The Eco Cup is a two-day, 622-mile run from Paris, France to Geneva, Switzerland in a fleet of 72 new diesel-powered Peugeots.

Peugeots star in British MPG Marathon

The teams on this ongoing Audi Mileage Marathon aren't the only ones trying to maximize their fuel efficiency right now. Over in Britain this week they held the third annual MPG Marathon. Compared to our trans-continental trek, the British event was a sprint at a mere 411 miles. However, that event was open to all comers and is run more in the fashion of the hyper-miling rallies often held in