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Phoenix based PetroSun has decided to build a new commercial scale algae biodiesel production facility in Alabama. After evaluating a number of locations, Alabama probably offered up the most cash and tax breaks to lure the company. PetroSun will be meeting with officials from the state, later in February to iron out the location details and start-up timing for the facility. It should be possible to produce thirty times more oil per acre from algae than is possible from current crops like soy an

PetroSun Drilling Inc. has created Algae BioFuels Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary to research and develop methods of using algae to produce biofuels. The subsidiary will be based in Arizona and Australia and will research using the algae into biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, methane and even hydrogen, the company says. Previous algae energy research was conducted by the Department of Energy from 1978 until 1996. PetroSun says that research shows that algae might be able to produce 30 times (!) mo