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Detroit 2009: Little Bigtime - Concept C takes Lincoln in a brand-new direction

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Ford reduces time between styling changes to three years

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2010 Ford Mustang to appear smaller

How do you make a muscle car appear more fuel-efficient? According to Ford's North American design director, Peter Horbury, you make it look smaller. In an interview with Automotive News, Horbury said that the Mustang, "... is more suitable for the times than the [Dodge] Challenger and [Chevy] Camaro." By "times" we're assuming Horbury is implying that big muscle cars will become less popular due to rising fuel prices and that vehicles like the Challenger and Camaro will endure much of

Lincoln going global?

Bringing his experience heading Lexus with him when he defected to Ford, Jim Farley's got his eye on some premium-Toyota style brand growth. Ford's past party line has been that the Lincoln nameplate is strictly for North American consumption, but Farley's been conferring with other Forders like Peter Horbury about taking Lincoln worldwide. Lexus is enjoying rapid growth in markets like Russia and Saudi Arabia, so it's not a new concept for Farley, and Horbury has previous global-brand experienc

Autoblog Q&A: Peter Horbury on the 2007 Ford concepts

During the Ford concept car ride at the Dearborn Development Center, Executive Director of Design for the Americas Peter Horbury was on hand to discuss Ford's design direction. Autoblog got to chat with the man who helped reinvent Volvo about what the design team was trying to achieve with this year's concepts.

Ford's head of design says 'no' to blatant badge engineering

We recently told you about Ford's not-so-earth-shattering announcement that shared platforms are the key to future success. Judging by your comments, this should have been the assumption rather than the proclamation. But a couple of you pointed out what could be the tragic flaw in this plan - badge engineering gone bad. Well, Peter Horbury, design chief for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, has stepped up to assure us th