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Perpetual Power? NASA creates submersible that can run nearly forever

Well, it's not exactly perpetual motion or energy, but it's getting closer than most such attempts. Plus, instead of being backed by some sort of random crackpot scientist, this particular project has the backing of NASA and the U.S. Navy. So, what is it? (Take a deep breath.) The Sounding Oceanographic Lagrangrian Observer Thermal Recharging (SOLO-TREC) autonomous underwater vehicle. Says Jack Jones, a JPL principal engineer and SOLO-T

Surprise: No free energy from Archer Quinn

As the late, great Freddie Mercury used to say, "Another one bites the dust." Although, like most free energy proponents, Archer Quinn is not ready to admit that he is wrong, but it seems that the rest of the world just isn't good enough for his world-changing invention ... or something. Honestly, it is rather difficult to make any sense at all from the ramblings on Jeremy Korzeniewski

Oh boy, more free energy, this time from a man named Archer Quinn

"I guess if there is a god, to give a person the ability to end global warming and destroy the filth that control the planet in one single move, would be somewhat of a miracle so I nicknamed it the "Sword of God", though spare me any religious rhetoric, I simply believe it a little unusual that I have never found anything I can't do, and almost every step I take refers at some point to something I have done or learned in the past. So I think taking the credit personally may be a bit of a str

Engadget talks to perpetual vapor maven Sean McCarthy

We recently had a story about the non-event that was to have been the public demonstration of the Orbo from an Irish company called Steorn. As it turned turned they had some technical difficulties with a machine that was supposed to provide free energy forever. Any claim of free energy is clearly to be taken with more than the usual dose of skepticism before being summarily dismiss