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Carl Icahn's investment company is now poised to acquire Pep Boys for $1 billion after placing a higher bid than tire maker Bridgestone.


The boards of Bridgestone and Pep Boys have agreed on a deal that would see one of the world's biggest tire manufacturers buy out the automotive parts retailer for $835 million, pending regulatory approval.


Pep Boys, the auto parts and service chain where your 17-year-old self got those hideous clear taillights for your first car, is set for a massive rebranding effort that will see it focus even more heavily on personal service.


If there's anything the recent abundance of zombie programming has taught us, it's that nobody is safe – not even a seemingly indispensable character on The Walking Dead. Oh, and one more thing: zombies are most likely to attack when it seems least likely that they will attack.

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In a landmark case, the Pep Boys auto parts chain has agreed to pay a record-breaking $5 million in fines. The penalties were imposed on Pep Boys for selling several Chinese-made items that violate America's Clean Air Act.

10 Home Depot stores in Florida are on an auto parts test run for America's largest home-improvement retailer. The stores each have about 500 square feet chock-full of auto parts at discount prices, undercutting competitors by more than 20 percent in some cases. The company hopes that male do-it-yourselfers,their prime demographic, won't be able to resist as they pass by aisles of motor oil, fuel additives and other supplies. All of which must be keeping executives