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Two Wheels
Dan Hanebrink's Hustler X5 electric sportsbike a true looker

It's certainly a long way from Pee-Wee Herman and his bike. We think it's just as cool, though. California-based aerospace engineer Dan Hanebrink is pitching four electric-powered bike models, including one that's a lot closer to motorcycle than bicycle.

Avoid DUIs with the PartyPub, powered by pedals

Of course, we never condone driving while intoxicated, and we always suggest using pedal-power over piston-power whenever possible, so here's a machine which satisfies both of those edicts. In all honesty, we're not so sure what the legalities of actually using a machine such as the PartyPub on real public roads are, but we can imagine that a pedal-powered pub could find plenty of use for festivals, block parties and parades.

Want to commute by bicycle? Here's how to get started

What is the greenest way to get somewhere? Probably walking, I suppose, because it doesn't take much to get started and the outlay of products necessary to do it is very small. But, next is probably by cycle. Not powered cycles either, but the good old fashioned pedal-powered bikes. True, you can spend a few grand on a super nice bike, but the truth of the matter is that pretty much any bike powered by your legs is the most efficient way to get around. Don't believe me? Jeremy Korzeniewski