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Now we're not suggesting that you're a lawbreaker, but if you're a social networker and you'd like to know where speedtraps are – for no reason at all – then Escort might be able to help. Makers of the Passport line of detectors, Escort has started a mobile app-supported network called Escort Live that features Bluetooth notifications.

New York has now become the second state in the country to offer RFID-embedded driver's licenses. Following Washington State's lead last year, the radio-frequency identification (aka RFID) licenses will be offered at a $30 premium over the standard driver's license. The benefits of the RFID license include their ability to do double-duty as a driver's license and a U.S. passport for those who frequently enter New York from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean (of course, you will still need a "real"

Thousands apply every year to get an American passport, and likely just as many pursue European Union documents. The Swiss passport is said to be one of the most sought-after in the world, but we've come across a different passport that we'd rather have. It's more exclusive, gives you access to the best places and gets you around fast. It's not issued by an independent country, but might as well be: the Rosso Passport, only from Ferrari.