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VW adding particulate filters to gas engines

The filters should cut soot emissions by 90 percent.

Volkswagen is setting off on an offensive to scrub the emissions on its gas-powered models with a piece of diesel tech.

Finnish company Pegasor introduces real-time particulate sensor for diesel engines

Biodiesel is still in limbo here in the U.S., but even if we never return to large scale production, at least diesel vehicles can continue to get cleaner on their own. The latest example of cleaner diesel tech news comes from Finland, where Pegasor Ltd. has introduced a new, compact, continuously operating and real-time Nik Bristow

Corning to supply particulate filters for Navistar diesels

Corning has been selected to provide particulate filters to Navistar for its diesel engines. The traps and ceramic substrates will allow Navistar's engines to meet tougher 2010 EPA emissions standards for heavy duty trucks. Corning worked with Navistar to ensure its components were compatible with the engine maker's EGR systems.

EPA retrofits the Magic School Bus from the children book series with diesel particulate filter

This is the strangest and most wonderful thing I have read today. The EPA and Scholastic released a special edition of the popular children's book series the Magic School bus, called "The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up." EPA Deputy Administrator Marcus Peacock recently read the book to school children in Cunningham Park Elementary School library in Vienna, Virginia. The students then went on Scholastic's traveling Magic School Bus, w

Australian diesels: not so squeaky clean...

Before the low sulfur diesel fuel that has become common here in the United States, it was impossible for automakers to install filters which would allow diesel engines to meet the requirements which were being imposed upon them. Fortunately, everything is coming together here in the States to allow for new clean diesel technology. Particulate filters, urea based injection systems and other technologies, combined with the low sulfur content in modern diesel fuel available here, have come togethe

ÖKO-TREND institute awards accolade to A4 2.0 TDI

Audi's best selling A4 2.0 TDI diesel car has been presented with the coveted "Auto-Umwelt-Zertifikat" (car environment certificate) by the ÖKO-TREND institute in Wuppertal, Germany. The award was given for the A4's eco-friendliness, for the high environmental standards in its production processes and for Audi's noteworthy recycling measures.

Audi offers economical new A3 and A4 models

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Audi A3.

Union Pacific Railroad unveils ultra-low emission diesel locomotives

Just days after we wrote about the problem of trying to introduce cleaner locomotives into existing railway's fleets, Union Pacific Railroad has unveiled the first of 60 new environmentally friendly, ultra-low emission diesel locomotives for use in the Los Angeles region.

Particulate filter market to hit ???3.3 billion in Europe by 2012

Diesels have always had a huge efficiency advantage over other piston engine technologies. Unfortunately, in addition to that efficiency, diesels also had a few negative characteristics: noise, smell and black soot. In recent years governments have been toughening up their emissions standards, cracking down on soot or particulate emissions. In response the car makers and suppliers have developed particulate filters, which have almost eliminated the soot emissions.

Bosch and Denso hookup to produce diesel particulate filters

The two largest automotive suppliers in the world, Germany's Robert Bosch GmbH and Japan's Denso Corp. have agreed to a new joint venture. The companies will team up to develop and manufacture particulate filters for diesel engines. The new company will be established somewhere in Eastern Europe early in 2007 with each parent owning a 50 percent

GM revamping Duramax diesel for new standards

General Motors has decided to go ahead with plans to rework its 6.6L Duramax diesel V8 engine in anticipation of the new Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards that will take effect on January 1st. The new standards call for a 90-percent reduction of oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter. Though the changes won't interrupt production of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra heavy-duty pickups in which the engines are used, they will sharply increase the cost of building the engines. GM Powertrain exp

Honda to make clean diesels

Automotive News reports that Honda is on its way to putting clean diesel on the market. We should see a four-banger coming our way by 2009, with a V6 to follow (Honda didn't mention when). Honda folks say that the engines will meet U.S. emissions standards -- and not just any standards... a standard known as Tier 2 bin 5. It might sound like a wine quality category (grand cru, anyone?), but what the designation really means is that Honda's pl