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Legal Parking Spaces Turn Illegal With Sign Change

Drivers ticketed 25 minutes after parking space becomes bike-share zone

In what has to be one of the lowest moves in parking-enforcement history, New York City ticketed half a dozen cars that had been legally parked only moments before. The difference? The city changed the signs out from under drivers.

Police Feel Harassed By Group Feeding Expiring Parking Meters

New Hampshire city filing lawsuit against 'Robin Hood' group

The city of Keene, N.H., has sued a group that feeds change into parking meters that are about to expire, saying members are harassing enforcement officers.

New York Police Find Clever New Way To Deter Car Theft

Residents receiving pictures of valuables left in plain sight

Motorists have heard these warnings countless times: Don't tempt thieves. Don't leave valuables in your car. Yet such common-sense advice is often ignored.

$600 Car Racks Up More Than $105,000 In Unpaid Parking Tickets

Chicago woman says the car does not belong to her

A Chicago woman may have set a dubious automotive record. Jennifer Fitzgerald owes more than $105,000 in parking tickets, according to court records.

Six Minutes Left On Parking Meter, This Guy Got A Ticket Anyway

Aggravated motorist filmed his encounter with traffic officer

It can be exasperating to be running just a few minutes late and receiving a parking ticket for an expired meter. A Los Angeles man says he knows a more sickening feeling – he was running a few minutes early, and got a ticket anyway.

Car Stuck Parked In A Crime Scene? That's A Ticket

Parking enforcement's mistake leads to outrage

After a man was shot outside of a rap concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico, people who had parked in what would become a crime scene were outraged to find their vehicles had been cited by parking enforcement.

UK road workers lift parked cars, paint lines underneath them, then give warnings

If you've ever felt like the meter maid is out to get you, you're not alone. You may not be paranoid, either. According to a report in the UK's Daily Mail, a Manchester work crew recently found their efforts hindered by a number of cars parked along a side street. Rather than simply wait and close down the road after the vehicles left, the crew brought in a flatbed tow truck

How do you get out of those pesky parking tickets? Why, blame your identical twin, of course!

Anyone that has a sibling knows that as kids they're constantly blaming the other for just about everything that goes wrong. In Switzerland, twin brothers have the blame game down to a science, as they've successfully talked their way out of 29 parking tickets by refusing to pay the fine because "the other one did it." Since the twins are identical and they are co-owners of one car, Swiss officials have no concrete way to identify the offender. Without being able to identify anyone, officials fe

Fake parking tickets lead to computer virus

How could a fake parking ticket possibly lead to a virus on your computer? It goes something like this: You walk out of a store and notice a yellow ticket on the windshield of your car. It's apparently a parking violation, and it directs you to a specific website. Once at the website, there are in fact photos of cars from your area that are supposedly illegally parked along with instructions to download a tool that will show you your own vehicle and explain why you were ticketed. You click to do

Man avoids parking ticket by refusing to get out of car

This has got to be karmically bad, but you still have to admire the guy. Mr. Shah, a personal trainer living in West London, had illegally parked his E39 5-Series due to a misinterpretation of the parking signs near his home. The reason for the infraction was no matter to tow truck operators, who started winching the BMW up on a flatbed in order to cart the offending vehicle off to the pound. Thinking fast, Shah hopped on the truck and snuck into his vehicle's back seat, pretending to have been

SUV owners receiving special citations in UK

British SUV owners may return to their parked vehicles only to find a ticket decorating their windshield. But they aren't parking violations, they're shame awareness tickets from an environmental group chiding owners for driving resource-hungry vehicles in cities like London. Advocates say they're warning consumers of the genre's potential effect on future generations, as well as those in the present (read: safety issues).