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How to Use the Ford Active Park Assist Feature

There are few driving maneuvers as universally disliked as the parallel park.

How to Safely Park in a Small Space

Parking spaces aren’t always plentiful, leaving you to choose ones that are outside your comfort zone.

How to Safely Park on a Hill

While parking a car is an essential driving skill that must be proven to gain a license, parking on a hill is a skill not everyone possesses.

How to Parallel Park Your Vehicle

One driving skill that many people lack or aren’t comfortable with is the ability to parallel park.

How to Use Intelligent Parking Assist in a Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is an innovative vehicle packed with features that make your driving experience smoother and easier.

Bosch has an advanced self-parking system slated for 2019

Time to throw out that tennis ball on a string in the garage.

Home Zone Park Assist is another baby step on the road to autonomous cars.

Extra-wide, women-only parking spots spark controversy in China

Chinese citizens are abuzz on the Internet after learning a large city in the east of the country is offering extra-large parking spots just for women.

How to Park in Reverse

It is unavoidable that at some point, soon after you start driving, you will need to reverse into a parking space.

Farmer moves illegally parked car with tractor

Bad parking in London can get you a ticket or the boot, but bad parking in the West Country is treated in a more direct manner.

How to Keep Track of Your Car in a Large Parking Lot

Losing track of your car in a full parking lot happens to everyone, and it’s always frustrating.

Woman throws coffee at man over handicapped parking spot

A Toronto area busybody started a decidedly un-Canadian altercation over a handicapped parking spot and now regrets his decision to film it.

Woman keys parking officer's car after receiving ticket

Police in Santa Ana, California are on the lookout for a local woman who vandalized a parking attendant's vehicle after being issued a parking ticket.

How to Drive a Toyota Prius

For someone who has never driven a Prius, it may feel a bit like stepping into the cockpit of an alien spaceship when sliding into the driver’s seat.

Summon your Tesla Model S with new Autopilot feature [UPDATE]

7.1 Update Also Restricts Some Options

The latest Autopilot software update allows the Tesla Model S to enter or leave its parking space and come to you, under certain conditions.

How to Live in Your Car for a Short Time

So you’ve just moved to a new city and your apartment won’t be ready for a month.

The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Have a Tiny Parking Space

In many cities parking spaces come at a premium, so you only want to purchase one small space.

How to Park Your Car

Parking is an important part of owning and driving a car.

BMW's DriveNow car sharing shutting down in SF next month

Not Enough Places To Park In The City By The Bay

BMW's DriveNow car-sharing service will suspend San Francisco operations in November.

Drivers are better off letting cars park themselves

Test Shows Autonomous Parking Systems Perform Better Than Humans

Drivers are steering clear of autonomous parking systems, even as new research shows cars are more adept at parallel parking than humans.

Real life hero lifts car off crosswalk

A man gets annoyed with a parked car in his way while on a bike ride, and he decides to physically move the offending hatchback out of the path.

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