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We've never found ourselves with an excess of driveway space, but if that changes any time in the near future, there's a chance the vacant asphalt could make us a buck or two. Parkatmyhouse.com allows users to upload photos of their driveways, garages or yards and then rent the space for parking on a monthly basis. The program is just getting underway here in the U.S., though UK drivers have been using the site for some time now. Across the pond, parking via the site can cost anywhere from $10 t

In large urban motropoli like London, it makes little sense to own your own car when you are only going to need it a few times a month. So, car renting and sharing services make great sense there, and are sprouting up all over. One such example of this type of service is Zipcar, which is based in the U.S. but is available in London. Now, you can couple the Zipcar service with a new service called Park At My House, which allows users to share cars and parking spots. I think this kind of thing sho