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Paris 2008: Heuliez, Michelin and Orange wrap a revolution in a plain package

French coachbuilder Heuliez, along with Michelin and Orange™, have brought with them to the 2008 Paris Motor Show a most unremarkable-looking car. (My apologies to fans of the Opel Agila) And that's the point. The WILL (pictured above) is meant to seem "familiar and friendly" even though its makers believe it is the embod

Lamborghini reveals Estoque interior for first time

Click above for more live shots of the Lamborghini Estoque concept's interior

Paris 2008: Heuliez Friendly

Well, it certainly looks pretty friendly. Plus, powered only by electrons, it will be friendly to our environment too. What is it? The Heuliez Friendly, which debuted at this year's Paris Motor Show. Three seems to be a theme here, with a trio of electric motors to choose from, three different vehicle lengths to be offered and a seating capacity of yourself and two of your best friends. According to reports, the French automaker

Karmann to build DuraCar Quicc! DiVa for German market

Click above for high-res gallery of the DuraCar Quicc! DiVa

Top Gear Magazine (sorta) reveals Aston Martin One-77

The Paris Motor Show has given up its secrets, but that doesn't mean the teasing is over. Top Gear magazine has the story on the Aston Martin One-77, joined by what will probably be more tease-tastic renders. One thing that can be gleaned from the rendering on the TG microsite is the headlight layout, with an inner row of LEDs leading back to an array that includes at least one additional cluster of LEDs. The front end

VIDEO: Danny's Contentment talks Nuvu with Mia

While we old-fashioned, glued-to-keyboard bloggers had to wait until the official reveal to get a glimpse Nissan's latest EV concept, new-fangled video blogger Danny Fleet got actual face time with both the Nuvu and a representative from the Japanese auto maker before the Paris Motor Show even started and recorded some of the low down on the concept and the company's EV future plans with his tr

Paris 2008: Wallyscar to make electric Jeep-like vehicle

Click above for a high-res shots of the Wallyscar Izis

Paris 2008: Fiat 500 DIESEL - it's not what you think

Click above for more live shots of the Fiat 500 DIESEL

Paris 2008: Previous Gen Audi A4 Seat Exeo

Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the Seat Exeo

VIDEO: Lexus IS250C folding its hard top

Click above to watch video after the jump

Paris 2008: smart shows off its second-gen ED

While some sites are busy making fun of its name (yeah, we thought of that too... and you? Does it matter? Comments are welcome), others were busy conducting interviews with Dr. Z. in an attempt to find out when we may see the smart ED in America. The answer is that it's coming, if not next year then shortly the

Paris 2008: Chevrolet Cruze meets an eager Europe

Click above for high-res gallery of the Chevy Cruze LT

Paris 2008: Live shots of the Ford Focus RS

Click above for more live shots of the Ford Focus RS in Paris

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