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digg_url = 'http://digg.com/celebrity/Paris_Hilton_says_hybrids_cars_are_awesome'; Paparazzi asked celebrity Paris Hilton about going "green" (see video below) and buying her new hybrid Yukon. Mrs. Hilton says "everyone" should buy a hybrid. Why? They are "awesome!" She even brags she has "the first one." What might Mrs. Hilton mean by saying she has the first hybrid, a type of vehicle that's been on sale for many years and is actually quite popular? All the commercials for the GM hybrids say

Update: While Mrs. Hilton did buy a hybrid, Pop Fiction actually provided her with a Land Rover to pull the pranks.

Paris Hilton just might get her wish for a hybrid Hummer. The H2 is based on the same platform as the Yukon and Tahoe, which are both hybrids now. It's really not a problem at all for GM to release a two-mode hybrid H2 to the market. The work on the platform is already finished and it's just a decision by the corporate heads right now.

While promoting Rich Prosecco, sparkling wine in a can, Newsday reports that celebrity Paris Hilton said she is buying a hybrid, like, right now. Paris also said she changed all her light bulbs to energy-safe light bulbs, and turns off the light and TV when she leaves the house. In the words of Paris herself: