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What do pandas and cows have in common? I'll give you one point for saying that they're both mammals. I'll give you two f you said they both have something to do with ethanol.*

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment granted Panda Ethanol an air permit last week for a 100-million-gallon-a-year ethanol refinery to be built in Yuma. By turning about 40 million bushels of feedstock-grade corn into ethanol a year, Panda says the plant will reduce annual oil need by about 2.6 million barrels while increasing Yuma's city revenues by $3.5 million a year. The plant will run on natural gas and still has a lot of hurdles to overcome (financing, other regulatory

Three short stories, now, about biofuels in the corporate world. First, winner of the cutest name for a biofuel company, Panda Ethanol Inc. announced yesterday that it would merge with an unnamed company (well, unnamed in the press release. The company is actually Cirracor Inc.) and that it had "closed a private placement of approximately 14.9 million shares of its common stock for a total gross proceeds of $90 million," according to a press release. These two actions will help Panda finance ong

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