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Mini Countryman Panamericana PHEV will tackle 16,000-mile trek

Special Mini will traverse the world's longest north-south roadway

In addition to the electric version of the classic Mini, the cheeky British BMW subsidiary has another battery-powered offering to electrify attendees of the New York Auto Show. This one is a special version of the Mini Cooper SE Countryman ALL4, slated for a particularly impressive journey. The Mini Countryman Panamericana Plug-In Hybrid — or, rather, three of them — will traverse the world's

Videos: Vintage rally action at La Carrera Panamericana

Lessons in mid-corner lift at La Carrera Panamericana – Click above to watch videos after the jump

Gullwing-America modernizes the Mercedes 300SL

2009 Gullwing-America 300SL Panamerica concept – Click above for a high-res image gallery

AutoblogGreen reader gears up for green-powered round-the-world drive

In the past few months, we've gotten a few tips from AutoblogGreen reader Sarah Turner (she's written in about Stirling Engines and biodiesel producer Global Commodities going out of business). Now she's tipped us off about something a little closer to her heart: her pers

Panamericana 2006 update: almost the end of the road

It's been a fun ride (even from the comfort of an Internet connection, but the cross-continental biodiesel drive from Alaska to the southern tip of South America is just about over. Here are the last few diary entries from the Panamericana 2006 team (previous updates are here). There should be one more coming.

Panamericana 2006 update: crossing the Panama Canal

It's time to check in with our biodiesel-loving Panamericana 2006 team again. They group is driving from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in three Volkswagen SUVs in 15 days. If you missed previous entries, you can see what they've been up to here.

Panamericana 2006: running really late in Central America

It's time again to check in with our biodiesel-loving Panamericana 2006 team, driving from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in three green Volkswagen SUVs in 15 days. You can see what they were up to recently here, or jump into the most recent news from the team's daily (belated) updates below.

Panamericana 2006 update - they're in Central America by now

Around midnight on May 4th, three Volkswagen SUVs loaded with special equipment and all powered by biodiesel started driving south from the Artic Sea. Today, they're somewhere in Central America (maybe even South America, their "daily updates" are not so daily). Here's what team Panamericana 2006 has been up to (more recent updates not yet available):

Panamericana 2006 gets on the road

Apparently, the biodiesel-powered trip from Alaska to the southern tip of South America did start on time last week (see previous posts here and here). The first few daily diary posts are up on the Panamericana 2006 Sebastian Blanco

Panamericana 25,000km trip using biodiesel off to a good start? Any start at all?

Yesterday was supposed to be the launch day for the Panamericana biodiesel trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, the whole western edge of North and South America. We promised last week to keep tabs on what the Panamericana group is self-reporting on how the trip is going, but that’s not possible yet. As of ri