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CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, which is Australia's national science agency, released a report that speaks quite in favor of biodiesel but raises the alarm on the raw materials used for production. Something someone at OECD (although not OECD itself) said as well.

Writing from Kuala Lumpur, a reporter for Thomson Financial explains that the high cost of palm oil is making biodiesel in Malaysia uncompetitive. As we mentioned earlier this year, Malaysia has other biodiesel problems that are delaying the implementation of the mandatory B5 fuel blends in the country. The latest news is that, of the 91 biodiesel plants that were approved as of a month ago, only four were in operation (another four are being tested). Plantation Industries and Commodities Minist

Even though Rhett Butler is based in San Francisco, his scope is global. Not that long ago, Butler wrote about the destruction of the Brazilian cerrado thanks, in part, to biofuel production in that country. Now his words appear in the Jakarta Post on the green-ness of palm oil. Once again, biofuels figure into his questions.