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The Palestinian group Hamas proudly displayed a captured and rebuilt Israeli tank on social media yesterday, but the 'tank' was quickly exposed as a car.


We are living in a fantastic time for movies about cars and motor racing. The Fast and Furious franchise brings mindless action, and movies like Rush show there can be a more intellectual side to motorsports. There's even room for some interesting documentaries, as well. Havana Motor Club is trying to tell the story of racing in Cuba, and a new doc called Speed Sisters explores the first all-female, Palestinian racing team.

Having the family car converted to run on electricity has become a very popular concept in Palestine. Since we told you about the Peugeot prototype, the two men behind the project, Waseem Khazendar and Fayaz Anan, have heard from over 400 folks willing to throw down the $2,500 they say it would cost to do the work. Only there's one small problem: because of the Israeli blockade currently in place, they only have enough materials to convert 30 or 40 vehicles. The blockade also keeps them from cha

It appears it's not only their good friends and neighbors the Israelis who are gaining interest in the whole electric car concept. Faced with an on-going fuel shortage, a pair of Palestinian electrical engineers have put together a battery-powered car that is now the envy of their fellow countrymen (and women). Spending only $2,500, the two converted a small liquid-fuel drinking car to one which is simply plugged in to acquire its locomotive energy. Powered by 32 batteries, the car has a range o