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DOE grants California funds to set up E85 fueling stations

There are over 300,000 flex-fuel cars in California, yet just one E85 fueling station. Doesn't make much sense, does it? Moving to address the imbalance, the Department of Energy has granted funding to a group that includes CALSTART, GM, Pacific Ethanol and United Oil among others to begin the construction of an ethanol infrastructure in the Golden State.

Ethanol producer stocks fared poorly in 3rd quarter

Chart: Google Finance / VeraSun Energy Corporation (NYSE: VSE)

Pacific Ethanol's first ethanol plant will start producing next week

Sometimes I imagine the world really looks and acts like a computer strategy game. You know, like Civ or Age of Empires or something like that, where you collect your resources and build your factories and make your units. The real world (or, as some like to call it, First Life) is more complicated, but in some aspects the analogy holds.

Pacific Ethanol's 2Q results and details on new ethanol production projects

Want (even more) proof that ethanol is on the rise? Pacific Ethanol would like to show you that its profits in the second quarter of 2006 (net sales of $46.5 million) were about double those of the second quarter of 2005 ($22.8 million). Interestingly, the amazing increase in profits came with only a 27 percent increase in gallons of ethanol sold. (Q2 2005 was 15.6 million, Q2 2006 was 19.8 million). The company's average ethanol price rose by 99 cent

Pacific Ethanol stocks sale could be signs of trouble ahead

Pacific Ethanol, a company we're mentioned before because they're building giant ethanol plants around the western side of the United States, sold on Friday five and a half million shares of its stock to private investors for about $5 less each than the $31.52 stocks were valued at Thursday. The company also sold the rights to buy almost three million shares at $31.55 in six months. Th

Oregon next in line for massive ethanol production facility

Ethanol continues its impressive expansion throughout the United States, with construction of a new 35-million-gallons-a-year production plant in Port of Morrow, Oregon recently announced by Pacific Ethanol, Inc. Pacific Ethanol, whose mission is to "become the West Coast's leading marketer and producer of renewable fuels", will start construction of the plant in about 30 days and expects to start churning o