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The Hydrogen Engine Center – the brainchild of ex-Ford Director of Engineering Theodore Hollinger – announced yesterday that the company's near-zero emission hydrogen internal combustion engines were being manufactured and are starting to be delivered to industrial customers like airports. Hollinger said in a press release that the initial shipments of the Oxx Power engines showed that HEC had an "efficient, scalable and repeatable manufacturing processes". Hollinger promised HEC wou

While the media's been focusing on Toyota or Ford hybrids or GM's latest promotion of E85, Hydrogen Engine Center Inc., has been developing and testing engines that can run on a gamut of fuels. Called 'Oxx Power', the engines are not for mid-sized sedans, full-sized SUV, or any consumer vehicle. Instead, says company founder and Ford retiree Ted Hollinger, the engines will replace those found in airline ground equipment, tractors, and even buses.