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Report: Cadillac XTS production to start at Oshawa in early 2012

Detroit-bound Cadillac Concept Teaser - Click above to enlarge

REPORT: Cadillac DTS to be replaced by XTS, which will be built in Canada alongside new Buick Regal

The days of Cadillac's big DTS sedan are numbered as the plant that builds it will soon be shut down and re-tooled. The Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant that builds the DTS and Buick Lucerne will switch over to building the Chevy Volt in 2010 and the current products are both long in the tooth.

GM adds shift at Oshawa to keep up with Camaro demand

Chevy Camaro assembly line - Click above for a high-res image gallery

GM agrees to build new mid-size hybrid, 6-speed transmission in Canada

With a federal election coming soon in Canada, the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has begun to liberally spread the pork. The most recent example is a deal that will relieve General Motors of Canada from the repayment of $200 million in previous government loans in exchange for new investments in plants in Oshawa and St. Catharines Ontario. GM Canada will install a transmission assembly line at its engine plant in St. Catharines to build 6-speed automatic transmissions.

GM and CAW reach deal over truck plant closure

In a deal designed to assuage the tensions between General Motors and the Canadian Auto Workers union, GM's new car plant in Oshawa, Ontario will gain two additional models to build. The old truck plant in the same city, though, will still close sometime in 2009. Until then, the truck plant will continue to assemble hybrid versions of GM's full-size pickup trucks. The new Oshawa pla

GM may add car line to closing Canadian truck plant

Despite rising tensions (and a lawsuit) between General Motors and the Canadian Auto Workers union, the automaker may be interested in adding a new car line at its soon-to-closed truck plant in Oshawa, Ontario. Though that plant was originally scheduled to stay open a few more years, slumping sales of full-size truc

GM Canada suing CAW for C$1.5 million

Hold on to your britches folks. General Motors dealings with the Canadian Auto Workers union just took another turn for the worse. GM, like every other full-line automaker selling vehicles in the United States, has been unable to move as many pickup trucks as it had hoped since the price of gas has spiked. In response to the shifting tide of vehicle sales and to slow the huge financial hemorrhaging, GM announced about eight days ago that it would be Jeremy Korzeniewski

Gas prices and bad loans cost GM truck plant jobs

As gasoline prices across the United States continue to hover at $3 a gallon and up over the Labor Day weekend and the toll of bad mortgages continues to climb, the effects will be felt in Oshawa, Ontario.

Camaro, eh? Oshawa plant tapped to build Chevy's ponycar

Several readers alerted us to a report out of Canada on Friday stating that GM has selected its Oshawa, Ontario plant to build the new Camaro. A formal announcement is expected on Monday.