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Here are the facts on the auto bailout

For a discussion centered on foreign policy, President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney spent a lot of time discussing the condition of the U.S. auto industry during Monday night's presidential debate.

On the ten-year anniversary of the terror attacks of 9/11/01, many people are using the occasion to take stock of how the past decade has changed us (The Onion nails it, again). Over the last ten years, we have debated, sometimes heatedly, what the appropriate response should have been to those attacks, but a military response was pretty much inevitable. Today, there's no denying that thousands of soldiers are still deployed to the Middle East because of what happened ten years ago. Given the gr

This didn't take long. American Shifter Company has created a dead Osama bin Laden shift knob. For the low price of $69.95 (on sale!), you can row your gears with the zombified head of Al Qaeda's former leader. Sure it's about as tasteless as fishnets at a funeral, but it's far from the worst automotive accessory we've seen.


If you've been living in a house with no TV or internet connection, you may not have heard that Osama bin Laden was found and killed. Actually, even if you have been living in such a house, you still probably know about bin Laden. Teams of analysts are combing through a mountain of data recovered from bin Laden's compound, and one nugget of information they've found is a bit surprising; bin Laden was against a proposed plan for U.S.-based Al Qaeda operatives to weld blades to the grilles of pick