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Bentley recaps its 100 years in a $250k book

This book can be customized (and cost more than a Bentley)

Book weighs roughly 66 pounds, gatefold pages nearly 6.5 feet wide when opened.

Buy this million-dollar F1 book and play Bernie for the year

To say that Opus makes books is like saying Bugatti makes cars. Sure, it's true, in the strictest literal sense, but it hardly does it justice. Opus makes tomes, high-end luxury albums in tribute to icons of sport and culture. Its past editions have focused on sports franchises like Arsenal, the Boston Celtics and the Superbowl itself. Opus has profiled Ferrari, and, of course, they've done o

Dogbert deflates hybrid car ownership

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Opus deals with oil grief

It's the "(Coming!) that gets us. In a funny and disrespectful Sunday comic about the high price of gasoline, Opus creator Berkeley Breathed illustrates the feelings of a lot of people in fine color. Sometimes you just want to gloat - it's too bad that we can't all do so quite yet. I've snipped a corner of the one-panel comic for our mostly family-safe viewing here on AutoblogGreen (you never know when someone will take issue with bare comic character butts in profile), but you should r