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World financial mess slowing South African electric car plans

The credit crunch is not only playing havoc with plans at Tesla and other green (or not) car companies. Indeed, the effects of the financial crises are global and so it comes as little surprise that Optimal Energy

VIDEO: Optimal Energy shows off their Joule on new website

Even though word slipped out early about their upcoming all-electric car appearing at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Optimal Energy played its cards pretty close to its chest and kept their web presence on the down low. Now that the world has been officially introduced to the MPV-sized

Paris Preview: South African Joule electric MPV to debut

The first images of the Joule from Optimal Energy have now turned up on the interwebs. The Joule will be officially unveiled this week in Paris at the Motor Show. The six-seat hatchback stores energy in a lithium ion battery pack that can nominally propel it for about 120 miles. A second pack can be added that doubles the range. The plan is to eventually offer packs from a number of supplie

Paris Preview: Joule from Optimal Energy sure to dazzle

Optimal Energy is the latest company to announce that they are unveiling a new electric car at the Paris Motor Show this year and it's one that should definitely impress. Coming all the way from South Africa, the Joule may very well be the world's most practical electric car to date as well as one of the more stylish. Although it has been shown to a handful of journalists there haven't yet been any published photos but it has bee