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1969 Opel Aero GT is rarer than you think

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First Drive: 2011 Buick Regal prototype looks to be a good sport

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Rumormill: DeLorean Motor Company considering rescuing Pontiac Solstice?

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REPORT: The Sky has a limit after all, as GM Kappa production ends

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Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky could live on... with different parents

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Sky's the Limit: GM intros the Opel GT for Europe

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Brits won't be getting version of Opel GT

The Vauxhaull brand is Britain's own little version of Opel, the General Motors brand sold throughout the rest of Europe. While it may seem cool the Brits don't have to buy the same Opels as the rest of the old country, there are drawbacks. One big one is the announcement recently that Vauxhaull will not be getting a version of the Opel GT, which itself is a version of the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky sold here in the States. Apparently there's not a good business case for converting the car

V6 Corvette rumors are rumored to be true!

Rumors of a V6-powered Corvette model have been floating around for years but weren't taken very seriously until Motor Trend decided to spend some ink on it a few issues ago and predict the six-cylinder model would revive the "Sting Ray" name. The model would basically be a Chevy-branded version of the Kappa roadster that GM has liberally passed out to such brands as Pontiac (Solstice), Saturn (Sky) and Opel (GT). Chevy's version would be different in that power would come from a V6 rather than

Saturn and Opel to be indistinguishable by 2014

Ward's Auto is reporting that General Motors has begun a plan to completely integrate Saturn and its European Opel brand by 2014. By that time, nearly every car in the lineup of each brand will be "interchangeable," according to Carl-Peter Forster, president of GM Europe. Forster likens what will become of Saturn to Vauxhall, the retail channel for Opel in the United Kingdom.