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Ford, others will sell cars in Alibaba's giant cat-shaped vending machines

That's right, cat-shaped.

Ford plans to sell vehicles in giant, cat-shaped vending machines all over China.

Volvo wants to sell cars online, skip most auto shows

Volvo is completely rethinking its marketing strategy with an approach that it calls the Volvo Way to Market. The revised plan means an increase in the company's advertising budget overall and a totally different way to allocate those funds. The most dramatic shift is the Swedish automaker's decision to begin selling its models online directly to customers worldwide.

FTC investigating dealers who opposed TrueCar for collusion

TrueCar and automotive dealerships just can't seem to stay out of the spotlight. An investigation is underway by the Federal Trade Commission into a number of dealers that stand accused of "agreeing to refuse to deal with TrueCar," according to an FTC letter obtained by Brandon Turkus

New Zealand dealership honors $1 Buy-it-Now price

You've probably heard of more than a few eBay or Craigslist specials that sound too good to be true; "Buy it for just $1- today only!" More often than not, its a ruse, luring you in for a far less inciting, yet more realistic transaction. If you are Stadium Cars, you wish it were the latter, but a mistake on its part led to a BMW bein

BMW i-Brand To Sell EVs Online

BMW hopes to bring down the price of their upcoming "i" brand plug-in vehicles by selling them online. This is the German automaker's first attempt at selling cars over the internet and if it runs smoothly, you can bet we'll be seeing more online sales from BMW and competitors alike.

BMW will sell first cars online, and they're electric

How do you get more bang for your buck when selling plug-in vehicles? BMW thinks the answer is blowing in the Internet.

BMW to sell cars online?

Here's a twist in BMW's foray into the EV market that we hadn't anticipated: Online sales. Bloomberg is reporting that when BMW launches its i3 electric and i8 plug-in hybrid next year, the German carmaker will be selling the cars direct to customers via the Internet.

The Big-O of used car sales: Enterprise teams up with Overstock.com

Although she might not be the spokewoman for Overstock.com any longer, Sabine Ehrenfeld is one minor celebrity we actively look for an excuse to mention. Second only to Nürburg-queen Sabine Schmitz, Overstock.com's Sabine Ehrenfeld is that super sexy, multi-talented spokesperson that reintroduced us to the Big-O a Christmas or two ago.