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China to ban cars from the Olympics, comply with international standards for car emissions

China will ban about half of its 3.3 million cars from the streets during the Beijing Olympics (August 8-24) in an attempt to cut air pollution. Necessary cars like emergency vehicles, buses and taxis will be allowed but only if they have an even or odd number license plate number that matches the even or oddness of the date. China may also change the emissions standards of cars and gasoline sold in Beijing to comply with internation

Ferrari going to Olympics with Italian team

With the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing fast approaching, the Italian Olympic Committee is looking to Ferrari for a little help. The Italian automaker will put its extensive motorsports knowledge to work in athletic equipment like canoes, sailboats and potentially bicycles. Looking forward to the 2010 Winter Olympics, bobsleds, luges, skeleton sleds and Paralympic skiis will get the prancing horse touch, as well. Particular attention will be paid towards aerodynamic improvements as the Ita

London 2012 Olympics the first to be "car-free"

Eight million people are expected at the London 2012 Olympics but their cars are not invited. The 2012 games will be car free, a first for the Olympics, with the only options for transport between the venues 1) walking, 2) biking or 3) public transport. The "car exclusion zones" include parts of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Weymouth and Portland in Dorset.

GM ends $1 billion Olympic sponsorship

GM will be out of the Olympics after Beijing. The General said Monday that it can no longer justify spending $1 billion on its expensive sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic team when there are other options that offer a better return. The global giant is said to be looking into non-traditional advertising outlets in an effort to keep ad dollars spent as efficiently as possible, so they have made the decision to let the Olympic contract lapse when it expires in 2008. They will continue their involvem

Could Ford plant closing in Twin Cities strike Olympic gold for Minnesota?

If Ford decides to broom the company's Highland Park complex in 2008 as rumored, the Twin Cities want to be ready. Instead of Blue Ovals, local officials are thinking Olympic rings.