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Photo of the Day: Chinese anti-terror Segway commandos

From Xinhua via our friends at China Car Times comes the above photo, showing Chinese counter-terrorism forces going through drills as they prepare to crush any dissent terror threat that might arise during next month's Olympic Games. The black ninja suits, fritz helmets, body armor, and submachine pis

Beijing finally cutting down on traffic to reduce pollution during Olympics

There had been some speculation about Beijing's plans to force traffic restrictions in order to reduce the city's pollution for the Summer Olympic Games. At first, traffic restrictions were proposed but they were Xavier Navarro

No car repairs or painting in Beijing until after Olympics

The city of Beijing has drawn widely-publicized controversy due to its poor air-quality leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympic games. In fact, the air pollution is at least two to three times higher than levels deemed safe by the Jeremy Korzeniewski