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Ségolène Royal (left) was the Socialist candidate who lost the French Presidential election and is currently the president of the Poitou-Charentes region. She said last weekend that Total, the big French oil company whose CEO thinks gas is cheap, should give back part of its profits to the people. Her idea is to have the company investing up to 80 percent of those profits in renewable energies. She said that this would help France be ready for the post-oil era. In addition, Paris M

According to the head of France's Oil Giant company Total, oil is still "too inexpensive." This surprising statement is what Total's CEO Christopher de la Margerie said in an interview for French economy magazine Revenu. Even at more than $130 a barrel, he said that oil is still cheaper than in 1974, once we discount inflation. He continues by saying that if oil was actually too expensive, it would discourage demand in countries like China and other emerging economies (it isn't). He also claimed

In a dog bites man kind of move, Friends of the Earth has issued a report in which they criticize the oil industry for not doing more to reduce their carbon footprint. The environmental organization believes that measures to increase energy efficiency - as well as forgetting about biofuels - could be the key to reducing the footprint. FotE has made a similar argument in the past. Overall, FotE says, the oil industry could reduce carbon emission by between 10.5 and 11.5 percent through the two m

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