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GM joins California EPA campaign to reduce motor oil consumption

Not long ago we spoke about a campaign by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) that recommended to verify how often motor oil had to be changed. General Motors has joined the campaign and will support CIWMB in informing motorists that millions vehicles can be driven much longer than the old standard of 3,000 miles between changes. Driver farther, save oil.

Oil prices fall over $4 after hitting new record highs

Oil hit a new record high price of $111.80 yesterday morning, but settled at $105.68 later, a drop of $4.42 for the day. While we're not yet ready to suggest that an end has come to the daily rise in oil prices, seeing the price for a barrel of crude drop, if only for a day, is probably a bit of a relief to some. Before yesterday's drop in prices, many analysts were suggesting that the falling value

Mercedes-Benz's new oil sensor can keep you driving safely on old oil longer

We all know that ICEs don't run without oil. While the best time to change your oil varies from driver to driver, car to car and season to season, the truth is that you don't want to be too late or, if you're thinking about the environment or the pocketbook, too early.