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This is a post for all the faithful readers of ABG who work the comment section of each post like a rented mule. We suggest you head over to the Department of Energy's website and let them know what you think. After all, they're asking for it.

Oil from shale is one of the many alternative sources of petroleum that has been researched for the past several decades but to date no one has actually brought it to mass production. As with the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, there are huge quantities of petroleum locked in other materials in North America. Unlike traditional oil drilling, shale and tar sands development is not as simple as just poking a hole in the ground.

One of the classic images from the Middle East in the twentieth century (aside from many more less pleasant ones) it that of poking a hole in the sand and have rich black oil come gushing out of the ground. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your perspective), for the people of region, those enormous natural reservoirs of liquid petroleum are not evenly distributed and many of the countries in the area are almost completely devoid of oil reserves. Among those is Jordan, which over the past thre