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NYT reveals Big Oil's secret effort to roll back car emissions regulations

From Congress to Facebook ads, Marathon Petroleum used every trick

From Congress to Facebook ads, Marathon Petroleum used every trick.

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US energy boom thwarted by... bad oil field roads?

With all the money they generate, you'd be forgiven if you thought the roads to America's oil wells and shale fields would be paved in platinum and lined in gold. The reality is, though, that these roads are so devastated that they're starting to actively hurt the oil industry.

Biofuel group Fuels America gives snarky Valentine to Big Oil

What's this? A yoga woman in seated pose praising oil companies and the billions in profits and huge government subsidies they get saying, with a radiant smile, "That's awesome!"

Broad coalition working against ethanol, says it's "worse than tar sands"

Another round of fighting has started over whether E15 – a blend of ethanol (15 percent) and gasoline (85 percent) – should be adopted nationwide. The latest jab comes from Scott Faber, a lobbyist for Environmental Working Group, who says that, as far as greenhouse gasses go, ethanol is "Jon LeSage

Oil refiner CEO advocates for higher fuel taxes

In recent weeks, as the price of crude oil and refined gasoline have continued to decline from their summertime highs, an increasing number of people have been jumping on the gas tax bandwagon. Many analysts and pundits have come out in favor of a tax to keep fuel prices high and encourage the use of more efficient vehicles. Two segments however, have been notable by their silence: politicians and the oil industry. I wouldn't expect any spineless politician to actually come out in favor of taxin

Chevron: Roughly 10% of Americans "hate us and our industry"

According to Helen Clark, Chevron Corp.'s manager of corporate brand and reputation, roughly 10 percent of Americans "hate us and our industry and there's nothing we can do to change their minds." The reason, according to Peter Beutel, president of oil commodities consultant Cameron Hanover, is because most consumers don't understand the industry because they only know about volatile gasoline prices and news r