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Nissan's self-parking chairs keep lazy offices tidy

Nissan has a solution for office chair problems, if such a thing exists.

Video: Michael Vick hawks for Nissan dealership, skirts shame

Michael Vick's Woodbury Nissan commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Toyota UK's offices go green in June

Toyota UK has announced that June is the "green month" of the year in its headquarters. The company is using this time for promote internal awareness of environmental issues. As with most offices that engage in environmental policies, the initiatives are built 'round its Three Rs concept: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister? Public support increases

Some say his political views are frightening. Others say he's got a growing group of supporters. All we know is...he's called Jeremy Clarkson.

Obama swaps 300C for Escape Hybrid

Senator Barack Obama has tossed aside the keys to his Chrysler 300C in favor of a new Ford Escape Hybrid. According to the Detroit Free Press, the senator from Illinois was lambasted for driving the a V8 300C after chastising Detroit in a May 7 speech for failing to anticipate rising oil prices that have changed consumers' buying habits.