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Auto industry supports Obama's newly announced long-term mpg standards

President Obama recently announced plans to define fuel economy regulations beyond 2016. He briefly outlined a new plan that would regulate the mileage requirements of cars and light trucks through 2025 and medium- and heavy-duty trucks through 2018. The overall goal

New CAFE regulations could cut oil imports by 1.4 million barrels per day

This is no brainer: the new CAFE standards can save the U.S. a lot of oil. How much? That's a more difficult question to answer. Suistanable Business took the calculator out and came up with an impressive result: 1.4 million barrels of oil per day by 2020. Just for sake of comparison, that's about everything that gets imported from Saudi Arabia.

Chrysler says alliance with Fiat will allow it to meet future CAFE requirements

Chrysler's ENVI line of concepts - Click above for a high-res gallery of the Dodge Circuit EV

Responses to higher CAFE standard from Plug In America, Auto Alliance, more

In President Obama's speech this afternoon about the new 35.5 mpg CAFE standard for 2016, he made sure to emphasize the broad support for the new national rule. From the responses we're seeing around the web following the announcement, it's clear that he wasn't just expressing a hope that a broad coalition would come together. Everyone from the Auto Alliance to the Sebastian Blanco

Obama: CAFE increase is "an historic agreement to help American break its addiction to oil"

Aside from the Daimler-Tesla announcement earlier today, the big green car news for May 19 is the increase in CAFE standards that President Obama made just a short while ago, joined by Governors Jennifer Granholm (MI), Deval Patrick (MA) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA), members of Congress and Ron Gettelfinger (of the UAW), among others. Obama said the agreement was "an historic agree