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Remember O2Diesel, the company that is blending ethanol with diesel to make a cleaner-burning, less-polluting fuel? It's just taken another forward in getting its product into the market. O2Diesel said yesterday that all the school buses in the South Dakota Lead-Deadwood school district will move to O2Diesel. The switch is part of a national air quality initiative called CityHome. CityHome uses corporate sponsor dollars to pay to move municipal and school bus systems to use O2Diesel at no additi

O2Diesel, the company developing an ethanol-diesel fuel alternative, has joined the Flagship Energy Systems Center (FESC) in Anderson, Indiana. The FESC is a project launched by the Flagship Enterprise Center to "promote the development of companies in the area of alternative energy, including hybrid vehicles and lithium batteries". The Center is a university/city partnership of Anderson U and the city of Anderson and tries to incubate small businesses working on these green car technologies. O2